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Cross-Channel Marketing – Comprehensive Strategies To Stay On Top Of The Marketing Game

What’s the key to winning at the marketing game today? Targeted, personalized, and real-time messaging across marketing channels. How do you make that happen?

Infographic Courtesy of: Email.uplers.com

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Meet Snitch: the Small and Agile RISC-V Processor

posted on Oct 22, 2021
tags: processors computing risc-v

How to get started with the Windows Subsystem for Android in Windows 11

posted on Oct 22, 2021
Microsoft delivers the initial version of one of its key Windows 11 features. We take a first look at the WSA.... read more

Self-healing plastic repairs itself in 10 seconds even under water

posted on Oct 22, 2021
A new type of plastic can rapidly heal itself under water, even in harsh conditions.... read more

CRM Solution for Fintech Industry

Fintech is one of today’s fastest-growing sectors. Finance and technology, two of its components, are at the core of the dynamic globe – leave alone the marketplace. Fintech’s importance penetrates many businesses and even our personal lives. Fintech has revolutionized the whole financial services sector, whether it’s traditional financial services like banking and insurance, or innovative ways of investing, paying, or budgeting.

In the meantime, new technologies have provided customers with a wide range of financial services to select from. Consumers in the financial sector, like those in any other business, are increasingly demanding better service from their service providers. In fact, polls show that customer experience is currently the most important factor in determining a brand’s success. This discovery, which sits at the center of all market transactions, applies to fintech just as much as it does to any other business.

CRM Solution

As a result, it is critical for fintech... read more