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The Golden Rules of Text-Based Communication in Customer Support

Text messaging is no longer an amateur approach in business. We are a text-based society, so entrepreneurs must adjust to the new generation of digitally-oriented consumers.

The growing smartphone usage trend and mobile-first economies made it possible to integrate such technology into customer communication channels. However, we should give credit to the customers who initiated this trend in the client support industry.

Modern consumers control the experiences they want to receive. They are connected 24/7, but they need you to save their time while solving customer inquiries.

Sending a message is not rocket science, but it takes some time to develop the right strategy that suits both companies and their consumers.

Read on to learn the basic tenets of effective text-based communication in customer service to get closer to your clients and keep your business thriving.

The Power of the Written Word in Business

Text messaging cannot fully replace the entire system of omni-channel customer support. However, it’s a great alternative to current methods of communication to make conversations last longer and keep your customers engaged.

Messaging is the most convenient form of digital communication for modern consumers. Such a communication style enables inexpensive, fast, and round-the-clock connections with your clients on a global scale.

Focus on Human Experience

While the older population takes time to adjust to current technologies, the younger generation adapts at lightning speed. Gen Z currently shapes the leading trends in the industry, and SMS messaging is one of them.

Strengthening your text-based customer communication helps younger clients feel more connected to your brand. It helps them to interact through their preferred channel.

The Core Principles of Text Messaging

Text messaging in customer support may satisfy many clients’ demands. However, not all queries are created equal. Automated options are best suited to simple customer-related queries while more complex tasks require the intervention of live agents.

Companies should adopt a balanced approach to automation technology, messaging, and live support to deliver a complete end-to-end CX. Making it possible for clients to connect with live agents when necessary is essential.

Let’s dig a little deeper and talk about how you can use SMS messaging to align with the current marketing demands:

  1. Focus on the messaging app your customers are already using. Don’t target too many channels at once.
  2. Customer experience comes first, and ahead of money-saving objectives.
  3. Make it easy to use by deploying text messaging into your CRM platform.
  4. Work out the right communication strategy (you can now focus on cost-saving measures to replace costly voice calls).
  5. Don’t rush to hand over all the work to automated chatbots. AI can never deliver the same experience of human touch on par with live agents.
  6. Include sales, marketing, and service to drive excellent CX.
  7. Allow your agents to have multiple conversations at a time.

Calculating the Risks and Benefits

To stand out, companies must integrate the full extent of messaging capabilities into their general support strategy in a meaningful manner. This requires a measured approach and a proper client communication strategy.

Rushing this strategy may alienate your clients, and so it’s important to follow these guidelines:

  • Ask your customer for permission.
  • Personalize your conversations.
  • Implement the right behavior for text messaging.
  • Make it easy for clients to stop receiving the messages.
  • Always follow up to ensure your customers are happy with your services.

Make it Work

A precise strategy is paramount to make the grade in text messaging at customer support. Companies must be careful when using text in business and follow some rules:

  • Always stick to texting etiquette when talking to your clients.
  • Choose between one-way or two-way messaging.
  • Don’t neglect the CTA.
  • Emphasize the security measures and keep the process legal.
  • Automate when necessary.

Final Thoughts

Customer communication has come a long way in recent years. Organizations that ignore the warning signs of ever-changing customer preferences in the digital era are at risk of losing the trust of their clients. The consequences will be dire.

Text messaging has a unique power you can no longer deny. Although customers’ tastes change at a breakneck speed, the text will always be on-trend.

The dynamic changes in customer behavior make the companies rethink how they connect with their potential consumers. Developing the correct text messaging strategy ensures the most intimate and meaningful connections you can achieve through customer support.


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