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How do I create a profile backlink?

This is not as difficult as it seems, but specific expertise is mandatory for a high-quality and organic backlinks placement. Many people try to study a couple of articles about SEO and backlinks in a couple of days and start doing this, and after that, they are surprised that they are failing... It isn't wise to expect in this case that you will succeed.

I analyzed and studied a lot of all these processes to achieve success and get the desired result.
In addition to personal experience, I would like to provide a few excerpts from this source: Strong and Natural Backlink Profile: How Does it Look Like? - Crowdo Blog. Well, let's talk directly about how to create a profile backlink. First, in modern SEO, there is no "perfect" backlink profile as it differs from case to case. However, specific rules classify a healthy and natural backlink profile that can push your search results.

First, it is essential to use some tools to make it easier to track your backlink's health and performance. I'm talking about services like Keyword. You can even use Google's original keyword tracking service. I also know a few excellent backlink trackers, and they work fantastic. Second, you need to review and classify domains very carefully. Moreover, a healthy backlink profile will consist of both dofollow and nofollow (preferably around 70% DF and 30% NF). If all of your backlinks are dofollow, this may seem unnatural to the search engine.

Don't forget about Anchor Text - one of Google's factors when checking your backlinks' quality. More information about this can be found in that backlink profile article. If what I said seems complicated to you, then there is a video on YouTube that perfectly explains all this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=id_US-smncs. Even a beginner will understand what is presented in the video, but it will also be useful for experts. Finally, I would like to remind you of one crucial SEO moral: "There are worse crimes than breaking the rules of search engines. For example, not reading them."
Remember and consider all these rules, and you will see progress in the process of your optimization.