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How do I improve SEO without any paid methods?

1. Improve your page loading speed

A few factors contribute to your page's loading speed. Google will penalize you for slow loading speed, which damages your ranking.

It can also negatively affect how users interact with your website. Consequently, those negative interactions will harm your ranking as well.

2. Produce high-quality content

How often does your website get updated? In the case of a website that hasn't been updated since it was built, you probably don't have a high SEO ranking right now.

It's crucial you keep visitors returning to your website if you want to drive more traffic and increase its popularity. You need quality, fresh, and relevant content for your website.

The so-called dwell time is another factor that impacts your SEO ranking. This is measured by the amount of time people spend on your website per visit. You will increase dwell time and keep visitors on your page longer if your site has fresh, exciting, or newsworthy material.

A long dwell time is often associated with websites with highly valuable content. The document apps you use can access your content ideas online in one place.

You should also take this into consideration. According to Nielsen, Google Chrome is the most popular web browser in the world, with nearly 45% of the market share.

3. Optimize your images

You should optimize your website images properly so they boost your search engine ranking. However, if you do not optimize them, they will have little value.

Specifically, I'm referring to factors such as file format, size, and file format. Large images can negatively impact your ranking because they increase the page loading time.

Images can be optimized by resizing or compressing them, or you can use them to sneak in keywords through their names.

An example would be to name an image, such as "best shampoo for long hair," rather than "shampoo1."

In addition to using keywords strategically in the title, caption, and description of the image, you can also use them in the image.

4. Break up your content with header tags

Another way to make your website more user-friendly is to use headings.

In addition to making the content easier to read, headers also make it look more appealing, which is always helpful.

The lack of content on your site may discourage people from spending much time on it, which will affect your SEO ranking.

5. Start blogging

Blogging is great for your business. It’s an outstanding tool for lead generation and helps you engage with visitors to your website.

Blogs can also help improve your search and ranking rankings. Here's why. As I mentioned earlier, fresh new content draws people to your website and keeps them there for longer. Blogs are the best channel for this.

You can drive a lot of traffic to your site on a daily basis if you have a large following of loyal readers.

Additionally, you can incorporate other features I mentioned so far, such as images and head tags, into your posts as well