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How do you get more leads on affiliate links from ClickBank?

There are several ways to get leads for any offer you want to promote and I will give you two of the best ways I know.

This tactic is called lead generating an is something I’m fairly good at.

One way to get leads that I have yet to talk about on Quora is to do a little survey. This works because it is similar to giving away something for free in order to get leads.

Imagine this: You come across a website that says it can match you with your best chance for working at home, which is something you’ve been looking to do for months now.

In the middle of the site, there’s a button that says, “TAKE SURVEY NOW” so you click the button to begin the survey.

There are a few questions that ask stuff like, “Are you coachable,” “Are you willing to invest in your future and your family future,” and “How serious are you about working from home.”

Each of those questions is causing you to commit to your answer so when you get to the survey’s answer to your best match, you are more likely to opt-in and use that offer.

The second way of getting leads is to do a contest. This works best if you offer some sort of digital offer as the prize.

Let’s look at one of the methods I used to promote the Clickbank offer, CB Passive Income.

I offer a free 30-min coaching call where I gave away my “secret” traffic method. If I remember correctly, I got about 30 leads in the first day and 90 leads the second day.

This was back when I was blogging, so I basically had people to sign up to my mailing chimp landing page before sending them straight to CB Passive Income.

Mailing Chimp no longer allows you to promote affiliate offers, but you can use Builderall, The Online Business and Digital Marketing Platform | Builderall USA to build your funnels and landing pages.

If you do sign up using that link, you’ll also get unlimited support from me because you’ll sign-up under me and it’s basically a win-win for both of use.

If I remember correctly, out of those 120 leads I got 30 sales, which is $1,500, over a period of two weeks.