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How to Choose the Best Reseller Hosting?

All of the major hosting providers offer a reseller hosting program and while everything seems great on the surface, there could be a lot of potential drawbacks underneath when you start digging in. First word of advice for you is - read the fine print of every reseller program you consider! Examine carefully all available documentation and inquire about the limits that are in place. As much as you might hear the word "unlimited", nothing's really unlimited in the world of web hosting.

Most providers place the emphasis on two things - disk space and monthly price. The disk space typically varies between 10 GB and 100 GB. It's important because it determines how many websites you can host on your account. The number of sites you can host is usually labeled as "unlimited", but you are in fact limited by the available disk space.

The price is usually on a monthly basis and it typically goes from $10.00 USD to $50.00 USD. What's really important to note when looking at the monthly price is the duration of the contract. For example, the ad might say "$9.99" with a 50% discount, but it could turn out that you would have to sign up for three years in advance in order to be eligible for that promo offer.

Here are the other factors to consider when you are looking to find the best reseller hosting provider:

  • Software platform - it's crucial to see the server software architecture and whether you would be able to run your applications. If you need to run ASP scripts, you ought to get a Windows server. The popular choice, however, is to go for the LAMP stack - Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP.
  • Customer support - another crucial aspect often overlooked by people. The question here is - who is the first line of support for your end customers? Who is going to offer the support service for them? Most reseller hosting providers offer support for their actual resellers, while they in turn must support their own customers.
  • Online storefront - you can't make a sale without an actual store, right? The reseller hosting program you sign up for should provide an online storefront that you can easily add to your own hosting website. It should allow your potential customers to order hosting accounts on your website and have them opened on the servers of the hosting provider whose services you are actually reselling.
  • Website migration - a free website migration service helps attract new clients, so it's a good thing if your actual host provides it. Check if they do and what the actual conditions are.
  • Email - ask if the email service is included with the hosting accounts you will open for your end clients, or if you will have to pay extra for it.
  • Backups - check if your customer accounts get daily backups with their plans or if that requires additional payments.