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How to Design a Web Site Forum?

Let us remind that nice website designs have a critical influence on everything from conversion rates to time spent by visitors on the website as well as on the degree of trust to your website and degree of organic links favorable for SEO.

We should also add that tendencies in design undergo a significant change. For example, if 10 years ago your website was one of the best, today it means nothing. Thus, you need to redesign the interface to make it an eye-catching resource again.


What does the word 'branding' mean? Broadly speaking, it is an image of your company. You need to stand out from your competitors and create your own brand by using certain colors and fonts depending on your business goals. Don't forget - visual perception means a lot. Effective website design will lead your project to success.

Depending on what emotions you want to evoke from website visitors, you will need to use various colors. According to statistics, 90% of first assessments regarding products can be based only on color.

Example of website design with famous brand

Apart from it, selection of font is of high importance. Psychology is the basis of perception and effect that font can cause. But it is better to give preference to readability than to emotional perception and not to choose more than 2 fonts which complement each other to express the company's brand.

How to find and create amazing images

An important element of the design is an image. Good images add value to the content and make the text more interesting. But always remember about the quality of images you add to your website since bad images make website's quality worse. If a picture is added without any reason and it doesn't address any need, you should remove it. When you create a good website, you should pay attention to each detail.

In addition, pictures shouldn't be too large not to slow down the speed of the site overloading.

Unsplash website: high-quality pictures

If you are looking for high-quality pictures, pay your attention to the following services:

  •     Unsplash;
  •     Raumrot;
  •     Little Visuals.

If you prefer creating your own images or infographics, check out with the following free services:

  •     Canva;
  •     Adobe Spark;
  •     Venngage.

But visual attraction is not the only characteristic of a good website design and quality web hosting service provider. Apart from it, you will come across a technical part that affects a high website loading speed, high website ranking, and SEO.