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Is Ryzen better than Intel?

IT Technician here. The question is badly phrased : Ryzen is an AMD brand. AMD’s competitor, Intel, is the company who holds the “Core” brand.

Short answer:

The AMD Ryzen CPUS are progressively taking over the Intel Core processors in all matters, from brute performances per core to performance/watt ratio, while remaining still more afordable.

Also, AMD AM4 motherboard compatibility spans, for the best motherboards, over all generations of Ryzen (from 1x00 to 5xx0) if the manufacturer offers the right BIOS updates, while Intel motherboards are limited to.. one generation of CPU, even if the architecture barely changes from one generation to another.

Longer answer:

In a general fashion, AMD Ryzen 3, 5, 7 & 9 correspond to Intel Core i3, i5, i7, & i9, and these denomination are related to core and thread count, each brand & series being declined generations after generation by respectively AMD & Intel.

Desktop computers:

The last AMD Ryzen generation (4th generation, named “Zen 3”, and marketed as “Ryzen 5xx0”, forgive AMD’s logic lol) is faster than the 10th generation of Intel Core, both in single thread & in multi-thread computation (at equivalent number of cores/threads), due to its amount of Instructions Per Cycles (+ 20% compared to Intel 10th gen), and more power-savvy as well due to the second generation of 7nm lithography it employs.