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What are the best B2B online marketing tools available?


  1. Sejda - I tried several PDF editors, and nothing really worked for me (though PDF Escape was close), but this one is perfect. I can put a PDF file into it and edit it on the go without converting it to a doc file and then back to PDF. You can merge the files or delete specific pages from the PDF file as well!
  2. Kontentino - This social media management only gets more and more handy with each update! Their “Workflow” option is crazily useful. Want to schedule several posts at once? Assign 15 posts at once to team members? Ask for approval on five posts? One click, and it’s done.
  3. Grammarly - Still the best grammar and vocabulary checker for the English language, the style checker is convenient! I’m a bit annoyed with the Google Docs add-on though, it keeps freezing the page, and I had to turn it off.
  4. Ubersuggest - Ahrefs got a bit bulky and quite expensive, so while searching for an alternative to it, I’m using Ubersuggest for keyword searching. It does exactly what I need while being much, much cheaper.
  5. Rocketlink - If you are using tracking pixels in your links or ads manually, Rocket might be useful for you as it lets you add retargeting pixels to any link or ad you use and track them inside the app.
  6. LiveWebinar - Video conferencing is here to stay, it seems. So for holding team meetings and creating webinars one in a while, we use LiveWebinar as it’s both pretty powerful and intuitive to use (they have a free version as well).