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What is SEO Marketing?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation is an integral part of digital marketing. In today's time after getting social media and Google AdWords, it may have lost its place but still, SEO is important in digital marketing.

Earlier in the mid-90s corporates and big firms have just got introduced to the concept of SEO. They started hiring SEO experts as it was all about keyword stuffing and manual submissions. In 2004 startups started taking interest in SEO as they want to build their online presence. Hence SEO in digital marketing changed over the years. In today's time, SEO is very different from earlier SEO practice. Nowadays organic searches and website traffic are given priority in SERP(search engine ranking page).

Whether it's a local business, mid business or big business all are changing their marketing approach and changing to digital marketing. Therefore there is a radical increase in the importance of SEO in digital marketing. Nowadays people are always searching on a search engine such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc before buying something to check reviews of that product. It amazes me that people also searched how to boil water. Hence we need to grab maximum eyeballs for our business to generate leads and convert them into sales through sales funnel.

Search engine optimization is simply used to create visibility of your webpage. More traffic is proportional to more sales. A proper SEO of a website helps to rank in SERP.

Simply understand this, we type certain keywords related to our niche which we need for various reasons and shows us pages with more relevance to our keywords. The more the relevance of the keyword more the accuracy of the result more the traffic and thus more the sales.

Search engines are not humans but the software that scans the pages by completing a set of activities like crawling, indexing, caching. This is done by robots which are a set of instructions created by search engines to perform a specific task such as crawling, indexing and caching.

Your web hosting service provider speed performance is very imporant as well.

Search engines are further categorized into two parts on-page SEO(onsite) and off-page SEO(offsite). Many experts in the market will give you the percentage of importance of both but frankly, nobody can fully understand the Google algorithm which is a fact.

Types of SEO

  • Whitehat optimization Whitehat is a set of instructions given by search engines and is also known as guides rules.
  • Blackhat optimization: Blackhat is a set of instructions given by search engines and is suggested not to follow them.
  • Greyhat optimization: Greyhat is a set of steps which is not included in the search engines algorithm yet, some experts misuse it for instant results.