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Why do most developers use an Apple Macbook as their development machine?

These are some reasons to use a MacBook (Pro):

  •     Build quality is very good. There are only a few PC brands with high end models that can compare with the Mac. And yes, they are similarly priced.
  •     OS X is very good. While Windows has its quirks and driver issues, 32 versus 64 bit systems etcetera, OS X just works.
  •     No hassle with anti virus software.
  •     UNIX based, which makes developing for UNIX based systems like Linux much easier.
  •     Must have for developing iOS apps.
  •     Must have for debugging Safari on OS X.
  •     Must have for debugging Safari on iOS.
  •     You can run OS X and Windows in a virtual machine at the same time.
  •     When typing commands, bash is much better than Windows CMD.
  •     Free or very cheap OS upgrades.
  •     Packaging software like Homebrew or MacPorts makes installing open source software very easy.
  •     App Store with lots of well designed and rated software.

If you only need the have one tool to make a living, don't you want that tool to be very good?