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Web Development Articles & Tutorials

Top 11 Must-have Plugins for WordPress Websites in 2021

Are you overwhelmed by the tens of thousands of plugins that WordPress offers and not sure about which plugins you should use?

There are 58,000+ plugins for WordPress website, and it can be difficult to decide which plugins to use. In this huge number, there are also various niche-specific plugins. 

There are, however, many plugins that every website should use. In this article we will look at the Top 11 most important plugins for your WordPress website. But, before that, let’s clearly define the meaning of the term ‘Wordpress plugin’.

What is a WordPress Plugin?

WordPress Plugins are bits of software (tools) that contain functionality that you can add to your WordPress website. They can also be used to improve/expand the existing functionality of your WordPress website. 

WordPress plugins allow you to add a new function to your WordPress website without writing or editing code. If you want to add a new feature/function to your website, there is probably a plugin for th... read more

Types of Web Development Teams and How to Choose the Right One for Your Project

Scrolling through Internet websites seems to be such an easy process. But have you ever thought about how the users’ journey is created? How can the idea be transformed into a digital working platform? Even though no one is surprised upon hearing the words “web development” nowadays, it is not simply pressing the buttons. Building a website requires not only extensive technical skills but also creative thinking, expertise in marketing, and impeccable knowledge of programming languages.

In theory, one person can create a website if he or she possesses at least some of the skills listed above. Nevertheless, it is unlikely that such a site can ever be monetized. Such a resource will not reflect the company’s values and won’t be able to become a quality business card.

Therefore, it is better to divide a process into different tasks and entrust real professionals with them. But here comes the next puzzling question: how to compose an appropriate web development team to make sure the ... read more

Learn Programming Tips & Tricks with These Courses

In our world, where the Internet and technology play a crucial role not only in our everyday lives but also in business, programming has long become one of the most in-demand professions. A good specialist in this area can enjoy a whole range of benefits from a high and stable salary to the opportunity to work remotely and being your own boss.

Moreover, knowing the basics of programming will come in handy even if you are not planning to build a career as a developer. In fact, it can give you a competitive advantage in many other roles and niches. Thus, learning programming makes pretty good sense in the 21st century.

But how to learn it? It may seem rather obvious to go the traditional way. This basically means to enroll at college majoring in programming, survive several years of studies and endless homework, though students can always get pro help at DoMyEssay, and start building a career after graduation. But there is a much simpler path!

Below is our ranking of the top 5 ... read more

7+ Tips for Recovering from Google Core Algorithm Updates

What are the core Google algorithm updates?

Simply said, Google’s algorithm is updated several times a year and doesn’t necessarily target specific concerns. A broad core update is a change to their main search algorithm that looks at a website’s expertise, authoritativeness, trustworthiness (E-A-T), and quality in a more holistic way.

Because of all of these many variables, Google can’t honestly tell us what has to be changed on a website without divulging the most crucial components of their algorithm. It’s common to be impacted by an algorithm update, especially if your website still has a lot of potential for development.

Here is everything that you must know about the recovery process from Google algorithm updates.

Tips to recover from Google core algorithm updates

Check these tips to know what to do after the latest Google update strikes. Here are all the tricks that will help you get through the core updates:

1. Look for inconsistencies in your website using G... read more

How to Create a Website that Wows

In today’s digital world, creating a website that stands out is a must for any brand. No matter what type of business or industry you are in, there is likely some steep competition on the internet. Making your website one that wows visitors and keeps them around is pivotal to your online success. 

So how do you create a website that truly captures the attention of web browsers? Thinking outside the box and adding unique features are sure to get you noticed. However, it’s important to stay true to your brand and its image and personality. So, here’s some strategies to create a site that wows browsers while still being authentic to your brand. 

Make it Fast and Functional

The first impression that users get from your site will likely be how quickly it loads on their device. In fact, 53% of customers will simply leave a site if it takes more than three seconds to load. Plus, the loading speed is a factor in Google’s search engine algorithms and a faster site can earn you a high ... read more

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Code Obfuscation

Code obfuscation is the process of changing executable code such that it is no longer understandable, interpretable, or executable. The source code is obfuscated to the point where it is unreadable and impossible to understand, let alone execute, by a third party.

Obfuscation of code does not affect the application’s end-user interface or the code’s intended outcome. It’s only a preventative measure to make the code worthless for a possible hacker who gets their hands on an application’s executable code.

Why is it necessary to obfuscate code?

Obfuscation of code is especially important for open-source systems, which have a significant disadvantage in code hackability for personal gain. Obfuscation is especially important for source code that is distributed insecurely.

Developers ensure that their product’s intellectual property is protected against security threats, unauthorised access, and the discovery of application flaws by making a program challenging to reverse engin... read more

6 Major SEO Factors to Consider in Web Design

Search Engine Optimisation is important for businesses that want to operate online. Many of us have this notion that SEO is something that is to be “added later” after creating the website. However, SEO is something that needs to be built-in while designing your website. After all, it is your website that showcases the first impression of your business on users and search engines. But this first impression is not just about how your website looks but also about how optimised it is. This article shares 6 major SEO factors to consider in web design

1. Mobile-friendly design 

We live in a mobile-first age. No matter whether we are searching for a restaurant or a local store, we browse websites with our mobile phones first. According to Oberlo, 53% of people who shop online every day rely on their smartphones. Therefore, the first factor to consider in web design is mobile friendliness.

To create a mobile-friendly design, you must consider the needs of your user. The way users in... read more

Are you having trouble recruiting Developers for your Project? Take a look at the following Ideas

Finding exceptional talent is getting increasingly challenging. Companies are competing aggressively for the best candidates, and everyone is upping their hiring game in a variety of ways, from offering great incentives to entirely altering company cultures.

Software development, one of the world’s fastest-growing industries, exemplifies this competition. It’s also very meritocratic, which presents a fascinating issue for hiring managers: how do you get the best engineers before your competitors do?

Here are some suggestions to assist you in resolving the issue:

1. Understand the Fundamentals

No one expects a recruiter to be a code expert, but getting to know the business may be quite beneficial. You’ll be more educated about the qualities you’re searching for in applicants, and you’ll find it simpler to follow the candidate’s and hiring manager’s talks.

There are a few things you should be aware of:

What technologies are programmers employing? Your development team ... read more

Why Consider Outsourcing Software Development in 2021

The outsourcing industry reached $92.5 billion in 2019, with a rapid rise in 2021. The pandemic is a significant driver for the high demand for software outsourcing services. Software development outsourcing trends showcase that companies now prefer to outsource rather than hire in-house resources for IT projects.

This article will focus majorly on the reasons to outsource software development in 2021. We will begin by understanding what led to the rise in demand for outsourcing software development projects. Whether companies are considering outsourcing software development to India, Poland, Ukraine, or any other country, depends on where they can find the right skills for their budget. 

What Led to the Rise in Software Development Outsourcing in 2021?

Three things are major contributors to software development outsourcing. It is an interconnected web of significant factors that led to an increase in software development outsourcing projects. 

The most significant reason ... read more

Laravel vs Symfony: Which PHP Frameworks Did You Choose for Your Framework?

Symfony and Laravel Development have been struggling to gain a better position in the war. Both PHP frameworks help faster web development and meet business requirements if you have the proper knowledge and expertise.

A Brief Overview of Laravel Development

It is primarily used for custom web app development by using PHP development. Laravel Development is a server-side framework that focuses on data manipulation. It uses the Model-View-Controller structure that helps in keeping the development process structured and effortless.

Some unique features of the Laravel framework are:

Template Engine

Laravel helps web developers by giving them ease of development and lightweight through the Blade template engine. This framework helps to build dynamic content with the help of CSS and JS files in the templates.


A Command Line Interface which handles repetitive tasks during Laravel development. It reduces the app development time and effort with a cleaner coding in... read more