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CDNetworks Review

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Focuses on the Asian markets

Reasons to buy
+Strong presence in Asia
Good network connectivity
Reasons to avoid
-Limited US locations
May need to delegate IT management

CDNetworks is a global network provider with over a dozen data centers, of which more than half are located in eastern Asia. While it does have US data centers, both of these are in California, again making these optimized for Asian connections. That doesn't mean to say that CDNetworks would not be useful for US companies looking to reach US customers, but rather that it has a global reach with a focus on Asian markets. 

Of course, even if you wanted to reach the latter from the US, it might be difficult to be hands-on with server hardware without incurring significant costs. However, CDNetworks offers managed solutions so that you can delegate these IT tasks directly to the company. This has pluses and minuses in that it should help reduce costs, at least in the short-term, especially for smaller and mid-sized companies. However, it does also mean that you have less direct control over your servers.

Overall, CDNetworks offers good connectivity globally, but you're probably going to get the most out of this provider if you're aiming for Asian markets in particular, and are happy to delegate a lot of your IT management.

Proven and reliable web performance

Businesses choose CDNetworks because of our proven track record in delivering reliable web performance – for any device: mobile sites, responsive design, dynamic servicing and mobile apps

Experts for difficult-to-reach geographies

Delivering websites in markets such as China and Russia traditionally presents problems for brands, but CDNetworks has accelerated content in these markets for the many years and is known and trusted by local governments

Rapid on boarding and implementation

Our quick time to market means we are able to get our customers web content up and running as quickly as possible, ensuring users enjoy a fast and reliable web experience straight away, while also offering your business immediate protection

Top rated customer service and support

Finally, our team of top rated engineers and customer success managers ensures you receive expert advice, providing responsive support to carefully guide and advise you along the way – we have a 15 minutes SLA

Global Offices
CDNetworks is headquarted in Singapore with global offices in:

  •     Seoul, Korea
  •     Santa Clara, California USA
  •     Los Angeles, California USA
  •     Toronto, Canada
  •     London, England
  •     Tokyo, Japan
  •     Mumbai, India
  •     Moscow, Russia
  •     Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  •     China

Cloud Hosting

Cloud Hosting with the assurance of security, reliability and performance. CDNetworks’ comprehensive Cloud Hosting services include VPN, container services, load balancers, MySQL integrations, DDoS protection and cloud management platforms. Security Cloud secure service provides all-around safety protection. Anti-DDoS equipment safeguards your data from attacks. High Reliability 3 redundant copies ensure 99.95% service availability and 99.99999% data persistency, which protects your business from breakdowns. High Performance 20000 IOPS, 300MB/s throughput and 1ms minimum delay for single disc. You may choose different cloud disc in accordance to specific needs.


Colocation services provide a robust infrastructure for your media and internet hosting needs We offer servers, power/space/cooling, customization of caged environments, IP transit services/Remote Hand Services (dedicated IT management & maintenance performed by a qualified team of technicians). If you expect large volumes of traffic viewing your content, then you’ll need a lot of space and resources to store your enterprise-grade servers. With CDNetworks colocation services, we provide you with professionally managed cooling, backup generators, security, and redundancy systems that would be very difficult to manage by yourself. If you need a reliable data center that allows the access of mission-critical information, you can trust CDNetworks to provide you with all the solutions that you’ll need.

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