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centron GmbH

Address: Biegenhofstr. 13
Hallstadt 96103

Phone:+49 951 96834 0 Fax:+49 951 96834 29
As a premium service provider, in all our company departments
top-quality is what consistently counts when it comes
to performance and services. We focus on all your requirements and visions when providing services to you.
centron’s advantage: Full performance and pure quality.



Shared Hosting starting at €1.00/mo

Domains: 2.de Disk Space: 100 GB Bandwidth: Unlimited Control Panel: Yes Money-back Guarantee: 30 day

Linux- oder Windows-Hosting verfügbar 2 .de Domains 100 GB Webspace 50 E-Mail-Postfächer Intuitives User Interface 50x600 MB MySQL (Linux) 50x400 MB MSSQL (Windows)

VPS Hosting

Dedicated Servers starting at €329.00/mo

Mehr Informationen Intel Xeon E-2288G CPU 8 Cores 3,7 – 5 GHz ab 16 GB ECC DDR4 Arbeitsspeicher Dedizierter RAID Controller z.B. 512 GB M.2 NVMe SSD + 2x960 GB SSD 85.000 IOPS | RAID 1/5/10 24x7 Rufbereitschaft inkl. Managed Backup Premium Full Managing

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