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Address: Street Pacii no. 36, Romania
Chiajna 077040

Phone:40-214-360-181 Fax:40-214-360-008
Ch-center specialises in reliable and affordable dedicated server solutions for any kind of companies, small or big.
Our dedicated servers are available for every budget, starting from 45euro for Atom Dedicated Server.
If you have higher demands like a custom dedicated server or cluster of dedicated servers, feel free and contact us using our Live Chat, Ticketing System, Email or even Phone.


Shared Hosting starting at €1.99/mo

Domains: 1 Disk Space: 2 GB Bandwidth: Unlimited Control Panel: Yes Money-back Guarantee: 30 day

Web Space 2GB Bandwidth unlimited Monthly Price €1.99

VPS Hosting starting at €7.00/mo

VPS or Virtual Private Server hosting provides many benefits you don`t get with shared hosting. Most commonly, clients upgrade to VPS hosting when they receive a larger amount of visitors than shared hosting can support. However, this type of hosting comes with many other benefits. The popularity of VPS hosting has skyrocketed due to the price point and the resources provide. You can do more with it than shared hosting, yet it doesn`t cost as much as a dedicated server. Here are a few of the many benefits of upgrading to VPS hosting from a shared hosting account. 1 Cores 2.93GHz CPU 1GB €7

Dedicated Servers starting at €24.00/mo

Intel® Q1900 CPU Q1900 (4x2 GHz) 4 GB RAM DDR3 240 GB SSD IPs : 1 Unlimited Bandwidth Internet 100Mbps

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