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CloudFlare Review

Customer Support:
Features & Software:
Uptime & Reliability:
Value for Price:
Overall: 3.50

At Cloudflare, we have our eyes set on an ambitious goal — to help build a better Internet. We believe that with our talented team, smart technology and engaged users we can solve some of the biggest problems on the Internet. Just how big?

Our story

Cloudflare started as a simple application to find the source of email spam. From there it grew into a service that protects websites from all manner of attacks, while simultaneously optimizing performance.

Cloudflare’s global cloud platform delivers a range of network services to businesses of all sizes around the world—making them more secure while enhancing the performance and reliability of their critical Internet properties. On 13 September 2019, Cloudflare made its debut on the public market as it rang the bell at the New York Stock Exchange and became a publicly traded company (NYSE: NET).

Shared Hosting

Domains: 1 Disk Space: Unlimited Bandwidth: Unlimited Control Panel: Yes Money-back Guarantee: 30 days

$0 / mo Cloudflare for Individuals is built on our global network. This package is ideal for people with personal or hobby projects that aren’t business-critical. Fast, easy-to-use DNS Free automated SSL certificates Global content delivery network (CDN) Unmetered mitigation of DDoS attacks with up to 59 Tbps capacity Up to 100k Workers requests and 30 scripts 3 Page Rules

Dedicated Servers starting at $20.00/mo

Pro Plan For professional websites, blogs, and portfolios requiring basic security and performance.

CloudFlare Customer Reviews

CloudFlare Review by Hamel Rollanda

Customer Support:
Features & Software:
Uptime & Reliability:
Value for Price:
Overall: 3.38

Pretty good because its free. But the cloudflare spectrum pricing is ridiculous. How can you offer unlimited bandwidth for websites but a very expensive price for spectrum... 5GB of bandwidth per month is NOTHING for minecraft! and 1$/GB is a ridiculous price.

CloudFlare Review by Jane Conners

Customer Support:
Features & Software:
Uptime & Reliability:
Value for Price:
Overall: 3.63

Cloudflare offers an outstanding free plan with stacks of features and some valuable extras. Go sign up immediately.
    Free plan
    Smart website optimization
    Loads of features
    Great performance in Asia, Africa

    Business plan can be expensive
    Speeds aren't the best in North America, Europe

Free vs Paid Plans

When it comes to pricing, users will be happy to know that CloudFlare offers both a free version and several paid plans. The free plan offers full access to the global CDN, a broad range of security features, SSL encryption and powerful statistic reports about site traffic. However, it has a few caveats such as weekly site crawls, as well as an activation period and analytics updates that take effect after 24-hours.

On the other hand, CloudFlare’s paid plans, namely Pro, Business, and Enterprise, feature better site protection, more frequent site crawling, mobile optimization, and DDoS protection.
Cloudflare is easy-to-use and provides loads of features, great security, and effective website optimisations, not to mention a huge global network which reaches areas other CDNs often miss.

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