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Address: 4201 Southwest Freeway
Houston TX 77027
United States

Phone:713-821-1271 Fax:713-965-0106
CyrusOne specializes in providing High Availability services to companies nationwide. We have locations in both Houston and Dallas operated truly redundant services and back it up with an SLA for power, bandwidth and cooling. Some of our clients include Allied Mortrgage, Dynegy, US Oncology as well as several hosting companies. For more information, contact us today by calling 713-821-1271.


Cloud Hosting

Scaling cloud deployments shouldn’t have to be so hard. CyrusOne cuts complexity by delivering more optionality than anyone. We reduce contracting and build time, provide hyper-efficient operation, and offer flexible access to cloud service providers. We help our clients scale when and where they need it, in a forward-looking architecture that facilitates growth. We take the pain out of cloud, so you can focus on what matters most: driving the business forward.

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