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Dade2 is a leading provider of Hosting Services to medium and enterprise businesses around the globe. Offering a wide variety of time tested IT solutions that range from System Integration to evoluted Cloud solutions,Backups and DRaaS ,security, data warehousing, big data management.

With over a decade of expertise in Information Technology, Dade2 brings to the table an impeccable understanding of the many minute aspects that make an IT department function seamlessly integrating on-premises and datacenter solutions.



Cloud Hosting

Everything your company needs to get started in the cloud Many businesses have found better ways to manage data through cloud computing. It has become a serious consideration for every business that wishes to stand out from the competition. The challenge most business owners face is knowing how to choose the right cloud service that will meet the organization’s requirements. One of the major considerations top executives regard is the costs of implementing new technology in their business operations. The questions being asked include how can the costs of a cloud service be justified by getting a service which is seemingly a typical virtual network for data storage? It is good that the benefits of a cloud service are being questioned because providing the correct answers will convince the clients that they actually need the service. With the right cloud service backed by an effective network and storage center, all your data requirements can be adequately managed in a way that it supports business growth and customer satisfaction.

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