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Easy Blog Networks Review

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Easy Blog Networks is a Private Blog Network hosting service that installs blogs with 1-click on random servers hosted by big brand hosting providers like Amazon Web Services, Digital Ocean, Softlayer and others. The system automatically updates WordPress, plugins, and themes while maintaining daily blog backups. EBN has a history of low deindexation rate, on par with premium cPanel hosts, proved by independent case studies.

We built Easy Blog Networks to be the easiest, simplest and 100% autopilot solution for building, hosting and managing your PBNs.

It’s a better solution than SEO hosting because it uses default IPs and nameservers given from other hosting providers (so when your blog is hosted at Rackspace, you’ll be using Rackspace’s nameservers), therefore lacking any footprints. There are also no issues with “bad neighborhoods” because you host only with the best hosting providers.

Easy Blog Networks is currently the best, easiest and safest way to host your PBNs.
Easy Blog Networks


Cloud Hosting starting at $35.00/mo

Your private blog networks look natural… Because they are Most SEO hosting companies try to manufacture a natural looking IP profile by selling you "a diverse range" of IP addresses. And they don't tell you where they're from. Do you ever wonder where they host your blogs? Who owns the servers, who owns the IPs and who owns the nameservers? At Easy Blog Networks, we don't hide our hosting providers or DNS providers... because we don't need to. Your blogs are hosted on big brand providers like Amazon, Rackspace, Softlayer and Digital Ocean. You'll be using their IPs, nameservers and datacenters. And that means your PBN profile looks completely natural... because it is!

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