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Ehost Internet Data Center Review

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Ehost Internet Data Center

Address: Geumcheon-gu, Gasan-dong, Digital 2-ro 98, Lotte IT Castle 1/509
Seoul 37371
South Korea

Phone:+82 707 600 5522 Fax:N/A
Ehost Internet Data Center (Ehost IDC) was established in October 2004 as a professional server hosting company.

We provide our server hosting services in all significant Internet Data Centers (IDC) in South Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, and Russia.

The list of up-to-date services is as follows:

* Dedicated servers in Korea
* Dedicated servers in Japan
* Dedicated servers in HK
* Dedicated servers in Malaysia
* Dedicated servers in Russia

* Colocation in Korea
* Colocation in Japan
* Colocation in Hong Kong
* Colocation in Malaysia
* Colocation in Russia

* Private cloud
* Consulting
* Umanaged service
* Semi & full managed service
* L4 Switch Load Balancing
* DDOS Protection
- Firewall
- Shell protection
- Database security
- SSL certification
- Antivirus software

Our fast technical support is provided around the clock; 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year.

10 Gbit / 1 Gbit connection - all possible. Carriers included: LG, KT, NTT, KDDI, Softbank and many others. Direct Korea-China connection is also available.

Our professional engineers know exactly how to support the customers with the most complex infrastructure, management and security consulting to ensure and maintain excellent service stability.

Join us and we'll always be at your service.

Website: en.ehostidc.com
E-mail: inquiry@ehostidc.co.kr
Ehost Internet Data Center


Dedicated Servers starting at $59.00/mo

Clock Speed : 2.13 GHz RAM : 8 GB DDR3 HDD : 1 TB SATA3 Port Speed : 1 Gbps Commited Bandwidth : 10 Mbps Data Transfer : Unlimited IPv4 : 1 Setup/Rebooting/IPMI : Free Location : KT/LG

Colocation starting at $80.00/mo

Type : 1 U Power : 0.2 kW Connection Speed : 1 Gbps Committed Bandwidth : 10 Mbps IPv4 : 1 Racking, OS Setup : Free Remote Hands : Free IPMI : Free Order Now 1/4 Rack 249 USD/ Monthly Type : 10 U Power : 0.6 kW Connection Speed : 1 Gbps Committed Bandwidth : 10 Mbps IPv4 : 3 Racking, OS Setup : Free Remote Hands : Free IPMI : Free Order Now Full Rack (Default Electricity) 600 USD/Monthly Type : 42 U Power : 2.2 kW Connection Speed : 1 Gbps Committed Bandwidth : 10 Mbps IPv4 : 5 Racking, OS Setup : Free Remote Hands : Free IPMI : Free Order Now No Network Clogging No risk of having your network clogged with traffic coming from or going through the server. No Worries About Physical Space The server won’t be in your office, so you don’t need to worry about infrastructure. Support Services 24/7 Access to a trained staff of technicians ready to assist you 24/7. Redundant Connections Redundant connections will guarantee you data is always available. Managed Services We’ve got all the answers to your questions regarding global server hosting, cloud infrastructure, security solutions and management services. Please leave your message and we will contact you at the earliest opportune time. Complex Security Management System Firewall Network Management Monitoring Management DDoS Protection Please note - This service is only for customers that use Windows and Linux, and does not include any correction of DB design nor source files. - In case of re-installation of the Operating System (OS), an additional fee may apply for backup and data transfer (please consult us in advance). - Web hosting servers are not included in this server management. However, a separate arrangement may be agreed upon. - The basic contract of server management lasts 3 (three) months. The penalties might be charged for a nearly termination of the server. - All maintenance items marked as “on demand” are only provided when requested for by the customer. - A maximum of 3 (three) domains can be used for free in the ‘DNS setting and management’ service. - Security service is provided separately upon request from the customer. Why Us? There are numerous reasons of choosing Ehost IDC as your server hosting provider in Asia: Creativity in providing solutions We provide the most suitable solutions in network design, management and security through a rigorous consultation process led by our experienced engineers Clear conditions of management We provide the customers with the basic monitoring of ports, MRTG, L4 load balancing, high capacity backup and service vulnerability assessment Security assurance We provide steadfast security solutions to satisfy all our customers' security needs in order to ensure continuous service availability and avoid possibilities of intrusion More than 10 years of experience We’ve been on the global server hosting market since 2004 and still exist as a secure company providing the best performance based on more than 10 years of experience 24/7/365 Support service Our support team reduces the time of any service failures and resolves issues in the shortest time possible through continuous network monitoring Our Partners

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