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Flexential Review

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The little big colocation provider

Reasons to buy
+Data centers spread across the US
+Good national connectivity
Reasons to avoid
-Limited colocation centers

Flexential was formed in 2017 through the merger of both Peak 10 and Viawest, both of which were already established providers. The result is a network of 41 data centers across the US, with the caveat being that most are in mid-state locations. Also, these tend to be small data centers rather than regional behemoths, meaning that while Flexential has a good geographic spread, it may not be the best choice if you have mission-critical applications connecting to Europe and Asia.

That's also a strength, though. While a number of data centers offer to monitor and manage your hardware, Flexential is one of those companies where you can realistically do so yourself without living on the eastern or western seaboards. 

However, not all of Flexential's data centers are available for colocation, so you'd need to check availability first. Otherwise, Flexential is a company that will particularly appeal to smaller and mid-range companies, and could be a very good place to grow, especially if you don't plan on needing a large volume of server hardware in the short-term.

Sophisticated IT experts like you don’t want the responsibilities or costs associated with operating in-house data center facilities. By colocating your cloud computing data center services, your IT staff is free to focus on your primary business initiatives. Flexential’s strategically positioned colocation footprint provides you with a competitive advantage. Gain network and cloud access faster and more reliably from our 40 interconnected U.S. data center solutions, offering secure, redundant and efficient high-density power and cooling capabilities. We are your trusted leaders in the colocation market.

Cloud Hosting

Getting to the cloud has never been easier Rely on Flexential’s team of certified cloud experts to seamlessly migrate your workloads to your new hosted private cloud environment. Pre-integrated compliance up to the hypervisor level High-performing SLAs, including 99.999% availability of cloud compute and 100% availability of cloud network infrastructure Customized options for compute, storage and network needs to meet your business requirements Self-service portal for resource visibility and management


Flexential’s Colocation Solutions provide freedom of deployments and future-proofs your technology growth options. With data centers located in 20 markets across North America, Flexential has the footprint you need to develop a comprehensive data center strategy. Let us show you our broad range of solutions that we’ll tailor to achieve your goals. Watch now.

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