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IndieTown Indonesia

Address: Jl. Puncak Jaya 11
Unmer Dieng
Malang 65146

Phone:+62 .3419975558 Fax:N/A
IndieTown is a web service boutique company for independent web designers and programmers based in Indonesia. We are sysadmins providing services to them. Our customers are creative people who knows quality service when they see it, and appreciate having competent sysadmins as their first line of support.

Perusahaan kami telah melayani lebih dari 10 tahun kebutuhan registrasi domain, hosting, dan layanan desain web. Ratusan klien dari dalam dan luar negeri telah mempercayakan situsnya.
IndieTown Indonesia


Shared Hosting

Fasilitas generik di semua paket hosting Operating System Linux Apache Version 1.3.26 POP3 server SMTP server IMAP server Webmail Access tool FTP server SSL server Perl Version 5.006001 Perl Modules PHP - lihat phpinfo PostGress and Mysql Database engine PHPMy Admin Website Statistic Cpanel versi X with Fantastico Gratis biaya Upgrade ke paket yang lebih besar

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