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Internet Exposure Review

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Internet Exposure

Address: 1101 Washington Ave S
Minneapolis MN 55415
United States

Phone:612-676-1946 Fax:N/A
Internet Exposure provides a hosting environment that you can trust. With features like 24 hour monitoring, UPS power, redundant data connectivity, and a climate-controlled environment , you can rest assured that your site will be live and accessible. E-commerce sites are fully encrypted with 128-bit certified SSL certificates and all customer data receives complete security to ensure its never compromised. Internet Exposure has never had customer financial or personal data compromised.

Our hosting plans are designed to accommodate any website and business needs. Our hosting options give you the choice to select the features and needs that are most appropriate for you, so you aren't paying for any unnecessary or unwanted services. With multiple upstream providers, your data will be transferred using the fastest available route to the end-user.

Call us for details about hosting plans and pricing.


Internet Exposure

Cloud Hosting

Our Web Hosting Services Include: Individualized and compartmentalized virtual machines for each site Scalable resources for every type of client—increase or decrease processing power, storage, or memory at any time Direct, honest advice from our techs on what you really need Daily fail-safe backups Advantages Full protection from other sites’ content and their potential vulnerabilities Dedicated, self-contained resources—not on a shared VM with a bunch of other sites Constant external monitoring and error reporting for responsive reaction to issues

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