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Best facial recognition security cameras to buy in 2021 - CNET

posted on Oct 22, 2021
Take a look at the facial recognition cameras we've tested recently to see which models are the best for you.... read more

Online Furor Over a Student’s Hijab Engulfs a Liberal Town

A 7-year-old told her mother that she resisted a New Jersey teacher’s attempt to pull off her Muslim head covering. It spiraled from there.... read more

You can now download AMD's fix for Windows 11 performance, Microsoft's fix is also available

posted on Oct 22, 2021

Windows 11 is off to a rocky start, but Microsoft and its hardware partners have been quick to work on solving the biggest problems with the launch build. For people with AMD-based systems, that included a set of bugs that led to a performance regression of up to 15 percent...

... read more

How to watch Grey's Anatomy season 18 episode 4 online tonight without cable

posted on Oct 22, 2021
A guide on how to watch Grey's Anatomy season 18 episode 4 online and live without cable. ... read more

G-Core Labs Opens Branch and Cloud Location in Frankfurt, Germany

Global content delivery network (CDN) and cloud provider, G-Core Labs, has launched its first cloud Point-of-Presence in Germany, in the city of Frankfurt am Main.... read more

SpaceX Starship Raptor vacuum engine fired for the first time - CNET

posted on Oct 22, 2021
The RVac gets its first showing in a delightful dusk test fire.... read more

Hackers Lay Claim to Trump's Social App Before Its Launch

Hackers tied to the group Anonymous defaced a private version of the former president’s app, Truth Social, posting images of defecating pigs and explicative-laced rants.... read more

AT&T offers free Batman: Arkham Knight gameplay through white-labeled Stadia tech

posted on Oct 22, 2021

White labeling refers to a business strategy some companies employ whereby they acquire goods produced by another corporation and rebrand them as if they were produced in-house. Under some circumstances, this practice can be shady and even illegal, but in the case of AT&T's Stadia usage, it's completely above-board....

... read more

WWE Crown Jewel 2021 live stream: start time, how to watch, card and results

posted on Oct 22, 2021
What shenanigans are in store for the WWE Crown Jewel live stream? How to watch the weirdest PPV of the year.... read more

Alibaba Cloud Introduces New Server Chips to Improve Cloud Services

Alibaba Cloud has introduced a new in-house processor design for usage in its data centers. The server chips, called Yitian 710, are custom-built by Alibaba Group’s chip development business, T-Head.... read more